vitabath Moisturizing Bath and Shower Gelee, Spring Green, 128 Ounce Review

vitabath Moisturizing Bath and Shower Gelee, Spring Green, 128 Ounce

  • Our highly concentrated gelee formula is superior in producing a luxurious, creamy later
  • This is a personal care/cosmetic product that is safe for consumers and other users under normal and reasonably foreseen use
  • Avoid contact with eyes, keep container closed when not in use
  • Originally Developed in 1957 by European Skincare Specialists
  • Our formula remains unequaled with nearly twice the essential ingredients and half as much water as the nearest competitor
  • Horse chestnut extract to condition while cleansing

Vitabath original spring green gelee is the original vitabath formula developed by skincare specialists in europe over 55 years ago. The original spring green fragrance continues as the favorite among loyal consumers who prefer a bold, refreshing sensory experience. In the shower or bath, vitabath gelee gently cleanses with a luxurious, creamy lather. Nutrient rich formulas contain vitamins a, d and e and botanical extracts to help soothe and condition skin. Unlike traditional bar soaps, vitabath moisturizing bath and shower gelee is mild to the skin, providing conditioning benefits that maintain the skin’s delicate acid mantle, the natural protective coating on its surface. In the bath or shower, vitabath gelee gently cleanses with a rich, creamy lather. Scented with a refreshingly bold blend of patchouli and pine, lightly accented with accords of rosewood.

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